Preserving the Past:

A Selection from the Sadberk Hanım Museum

December 16, 2020–August 1, 2021

Meşher’s new exhibition, Preserving the Past, brings a selection of works from the Sadberk Hanım Museum, celebrating its 40th anniversary, to Beyoğlu. Curated by art historian and the museum’s director Hülya Bilgi, the exhibition offers a journey through the history of Anatolian civilizations with over 200 remarkable works selected from the Archaeology and Turkish-Islamic Arts sections of the museum.

The Sadberk Hanım Museum is Turkey’s first private museum and this exhibition aims to present a glimpse of its collection, which expanded and diversified throughout four decades, to a wider audience.The story of a long time period, from the 6th millennium BC till the early 20th century, is told through a diverse selection of rare objects.

The extensive collection of the Sadberk Hanım Museum consists of the Archaeological and the Turkish-Islamic Arts sections.While the former offers a chronological journey through the Anatolian civilisations’ material culture with objects produced using terracotta, glass, meal and stone, the Turkish-Islamic Arts Section encompasses the artefacts from the 8th century to the early years of the Republic of Turkey, and focuses particularly on the masterpieces of Ottoman art with objects like Iznik tiles, ship’s lantern, ilk fabrics and shoes.

The exhibition draws on the museum’s particular vision to preserve cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations and tells the story of creativity and mastery in the finest examples of art created by Anatolian civilizations and the Ottomans.

Curator : Hülya Bilgi


The Constantinople Years
A Selection from the Sadberk Hanım Museum

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