Weaving Stories from Stone: Mosaics Workshop

Meşher will provide all of the materials.
Admission is free.
The workshop will be conducted in Turkish.
For more information and to sign up: kayit@mesher.org

Weaving Stories from Stone: Mosaics Workshop is inspired by the late John Craxton’s passion for mosaics. Craxton was always deeply interested in Roman and Byzantine mosaics ever since he was young. Likewise, he was particularly dazzled by those of the Hagia Sophia, upon his trips to Istanbul. Taking place on Saturday, April 29 at 11 a.m., this workshop will introduce kids aged 7 to 12 to Craxton’s life and works. They will get to channel Craxton’s adventurous spirit and make their own motifs using colorful mosaic stones. They will also get the chance to share their creations with one other and discover the craft of making mosaics in the process.

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