Meşher’s events organized in parallel with the exhibitions are accessible online.

In Meşher Podcast, speakers and members of the Meşher team talk about the exhibitions and themes selected from them.
Meşher Podcast #11 | I Am Nobody: Emily Dickinson

The exhibition’s title I Am Nobody. Are You Nobody Too? is liberally inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem I Am Nobody! Who Are You? This first line of the poem, published posthumously in 1891, vocalizes a vagrant verbalism wandering between two ambiguous points.  In this episode of our podcast, Yusuf Eradam and Meşher’s teammate Şeyda Çetin discuss Emily Dickinson’s works. 

Date: 16 January 2023
Watch the video version.
Meşher Podcast #10 | Preserving the Past: Coffee Serving Ceremonies in the Ottoman Court

Meşher Podcast’s 10th episode explores the intricate details of coffee serving at the Ottoman mansions, harem and court starting with a coffee serving cloth from the collection of the Sadberk Hanım Museum.
Speaker: Şebnem Eryavuz
Moderator: Havva Furat Ay

Date: 27 July 2021
Watch the video version.
Meşher Podcast #14: Craxton'a Kuir Bakış
Meşher Podcast #9 | Preserving the Past: The Dual Nature of Love

This episode looks into the dual nature of love through the Aphrodite and Eros figurines in the exhibition including the changes and transformations of the two gods in oral traditi
Speaker: Serap Yüzgüller
Moderator: Cihan Andaç

Date: 22 May 2021
Watch the video version.
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